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The Only VA Provider in Trumbull County We also accept Medicare, Medicaid and Most Major Insurances


Washington Square Health Care Center offers a wide range of services. When additional time is needed between your hospital stay and home, our services will provide the expert care and time you need. Our dedicated team of professionals provide around the clock care through programs and services that include:

  • Short Term Care
    Allows individuals to finish their recovery and rehabilitation after a hospital stay to prepare to return home
  • Skilled Nursing
    Can include IV medication administration, tracheotomy care, therapy services and wound care
  • Physical Therapy
    Focuses on range of motion ,gait training, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and endurance
  • Occupational Therapy
    Focuses on daily self care such as grooming, eating and compensating for losses of sensation and vision
  • Speech Therapy
    Focuses on language, communication, memory aides, hearing and swallowing disorders
  • Wound Care
    Includes the use of a wound vac, pulsed lavage, high volt electrical stimulation, and ultra sound
  • Social Services
    Acts as advocate for residents, facilitating solutions and assisting them and their families with the transition to home or long term stay
  • Long Term Care
  • Hospice Care
    Washington Square works with a variety of local Hospice agencies to provide optimal care
  • Respite Stays
    Provides a short stay to allow the care giver at home a break